Monday, 3 February 2014

Where my life has gone.

Well if ever I have wondered what I have done in my life, this afternoon has showed me. In my quest of cleaning out everywhere, I came across a memory box. I didn't realize I did so many courses haha.

Not only do I have a Diploma in Crystal Therapy, I also have done courses in the following.

  •  Autobiography course through carers Qld in 2008, 
  • A training programme completed to tutor students with their reading 1994
  •  Certificate of training for lifeline in 1996 and I also have certificate for recognition of service from them as well.
  • My first aid certificate I did in 1989 with Veronica. I think it was 1 night a week for 6 weeks back then. Maybe I should update it lol
  • Certificate for Natural Healing at Home in 1999.
  • Training in Grass Roots Care for Carers in 2004

All of that equipped me to undertake the following voluntary positions.

  • Lifeline telephone counsellor
  • Vice President for Karalee S.S. P & C
  • Fete Convenor for Karalee S.S. 
  • President for Karalee S.S P & C
  • Bookshop convenor for Karalee S.S.
  • Canteen Convenor Ipswich Little Athletics Assoc
  • Wish granter for Starlight Children's Foundation and help in Starlight room and with fundraising
  • Giving talks to professionals and support care workers for Carers Qld.
  • Chairperson for Qld electric wheelchair sports.
  • Secretary for Northern Suburbs Rugby League Club
  • Smaller things like reading tutor, help with swimming lessons, helping in tuckshop. 
Then of course, those that know me from emailcash, know that I had 5 years of organizing Secret Santa and Secret Bunny with up to 300 people. 

Boy, no wonder I am tired lol. 

Going through the box, I also came across a diary that the kids kept when we went to Sydney Olympics. It gave me a giggle with things they had written. Jade would finish her bits with good night diary lol.

There was a lot of newspaper articles from over the years with Ryan. Him sitting in an F111, photos from fundraising for Muscular Dystrophy Queensland, sports, his 18th and 21st. Photos of Jade from when she was made Arts Captain at High School and her principals 'student of the year' award. 

There is a book by an American Woman Constance Foland. Many years ago, Constance joined a site I was a member of. She was writing a book and the man boy in it had Muscular Dystrophy. She would email me with things she would want to write and whether those things were possible and I would reply with yes or give a suggestion. When her book finally got published, she sent me a signed copy. 

It really is a great box to take a journey through. Lots of things that I have pushed to the deep recess of my mind, but that bring back some wonderful memories.

P.S. Sitting here thinking and there are all the cooking classes I have done, as well as ceramics and I also use to make porcelain dolls.

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