Monday, 12 March 2012

Help Finally!!!

Well after months of phone calls etc, we are finally getting some more help.

Friday week ago, DSQ came out and had shown us a copy of all these things they had in place for us. Only thing was, they had forgotten to tell us about it. More calls, emails and home visits and finally it looks like it is all sorted.

Ryan will get another day a week that he will go out for 4 hours to do work on his photography course he is doing. He will also get 1 day a month for him to go to the Gold Coast to see his girlfriend on her day off Uni. We get back out date night, and will be able to go out every fortnight. Plus, and this is huge, they might be able to brokerage the hours for personal care for when we are on holidays so that we have someone help instead of just ourselves.

There might also be a part time job for Ryan in a couple of months time as well.

To think that all we asked for was an extra 2 hours a fortnight!! This is going to help us heaps and there was the acknowledgement from DSQ and our service provider that they were at fault for not telling us about the $5000 underspending we had and that was just on post school funding.

I finally feel like we are getting somewhere.