Sunday, 30 December 2012

2012 in Review

Wow what a year!!
This year has been one of many experiences and journey into finding myself again. While this time last year I had made the resolution to do things rather than say I wanted to. I never thought that so much would be accomplished. Turning 50 surely was a great year.

Holidays - So we went on a cruise, which was so magically and I can't wait to go on another. If you haven't experienced one, do yourself a favour and go. The food was divine  the shows were first class and the other passengers and crew were so friendly.
That was April and May saw us go for two weeks to the Sunshine Coast. I love it here and most of all loved catching up with great friends. If I won lotto, I would buy the apartment and live there permanently. While up there, I was surprised by Jade coming for Mother's Day, which was lovely to spend time with her, even if it was just for one day. We went up to Maleny and finally got to visit the cheese factory that for years I have said I was going to.
November was our week down the coast. While it is nice to visit the Gold Coast, I certainly wouldn't want to live there. It is too busy for me.
Now when I saw the psychic, she told me there would be 3 holidays in a 6 week period. Well we had a night at the Gold Coast for Ryan's Jades 21st, then our week there and in that time I also bought Peter's Xmas present, which is 2 nights at Mt Tamborine. So I guess all that counts.

House - I have spent a lot of time this year doing gardens around the house. It has been great, designing and planting and even better when you can eat the fruits of your labour. It has given me a great place to release any tensions and overall just something different to do. When I am in the kitchen looking out at the moment, I can see the vines of melons growing what looks like wild in the garden. I look and thing 'I grew them from seed'. It gives you a great glow inside.
I have also spent a lot of time, minimizing. Apart from giving me money to do other things I want to get done, it also feels good to have a clean out of crap you don't need any more.

Cooking - Wow where to start? This year I have done classes in pasta, cannoli, crème brullee, profiteroles, Asian dishes, Easy Christmas, vegetarian and demos at the Good food and wine festival. I was chosen to cook with Jamie Oliver, which was exciting. Most things I cook now are from scratch instead of using bought sauces or dressings etc. The family is really enjoying this new style of cooking and I am enjoying it all as well. As I tell everyone, I don't do anything that is hard, but have learnt how to do everything easy that can impress guests haha.

Family - A lot has happened with family this year. Troy has moved back home, which I love having him here. He has his own business and it is thriving and he has a great reputation with it. I am so proud of the young man he has become. Ryan, while he has lost a lot of weight which is a concern, is doing really well. He is back playing sport and enjoying it. I think sometimes he worries more about us than we do about him. Jade is constantly working, but the club is benefiting with the functions it is holding and catering for. It is one thing that I am so glad of with my kids: they all have great work values. Peter has stopped his job with the newsagency after 15 years or so. No more getting up at 2.30/3 am. He now just works for someone painting his rental homes. And the saint that he is, still putting up with my moods.

Friends - I have the best friends! I know that those I call close friends, can be called any time day or night if I needed and I hope they know that the same applies if they need to call me. I was lucky enough to see so many of them this year that don't live close. I did have a couple of set backs where my judgement of people took a battering and I started to doubt how I saw people and who I could trust, but it is all good now - well I hope so. :)

As you look back on the year, the things that gave grief just seem to fade away and only the good memories remain. I am hoping that I can continue to keep pushing my boundaries and experiencing new things in the future.

I can't finish without thanking my wonderful family for their support, even though they tell everyone I am doubly crazy as I am on two anti depressants haha. While I don't like to single out people, these friends are there and have listened to my rantings and supported me so much and more than I could ever say. So to Jan, Veronica, Colleen and Kerrie, please accept my heartfelt thank you for just being there and being yourselves and for me being able to call you all my friend xxx.

I hope that all my friends get to live your dreams in 2013 and that it is one of happiness and good health for you all and I look forward to reading and hearing about what adventures you are undertaking as the year progresses.