Monday, 21 May 2012

Holidays Galore

What a wonderful 2 weeks we had on the Sunshine Coast and boy did it live up to its name. I know they have had some terrible flash flooding and heaps of rain, but apart from one night with a quick shower, there was no rain until coming home today.

We arrived on Monday afternoon, unpacked and relaxed. Tuesday was spent doing a grocery shop and having a look around Stockland shopping centre. Good to see nothing has changed there. Ryan and I went for a walk along some of the new paths beside the water and checked out the new decks in the park next to  where we stayed. Can't wait until the path is finally finished all the way to the broad walk at Bullcock Beach. The markets on a Sunday will be an even closer walk lol.

Wednesday we went to Kings Beach Surf lifesaving Club for lunch. Lovely meal with a great view. Took some pics and we confirmed that we are going to get our ashes thrown off the point, which is where we had our wedding photos taken. Back at the unit we got ready for Steve and Cindy who were coming over for dinner. I had made some pumpkin soup the week before which I had frozen, so thawed it. I also made some bread and chicken sausages which was served with asparagus, broccoli and baby carrots. Cindy chose well with dessert of apple crumble cheesecake - 2 of my fav desserts in one. So lots of laughs, conversation and a lovely relaxed night.

For the first time ever we had carers on holidays. People don't realize that going away - which we love to do - means that it is a lot more work for us with Ryan. We don't have the help 4 nights a week and the 2 overnighters. It can be very tiring and a lot of the time we normally spend sleeping during the day in shifts. This time though was heaven. We asked the agencies down here if they could brokerage to an agency up the coast the hours we normally have. One (the one that comes out of our dsq package) said yes, and they were able to get a fantastic guy to come in the 4 nights a week. He was great with Ryan and fitted in with us very easily. He finished his time with us, by giving us his number and saying that anything he could do to help - if we wanted to go up and someone to spend time with Ryan or watch him for us to have a night alone up there, to just ring and he didn't want any payment for it. We would never take him up on no payment, but it was so lovely for him to offer.

The other agency (the one that we pay for ourselves) said no they wouldn't brokerage it out, so instead Queensland Council of Carers said they would help at no cost to us and had someone come in 2 nights a week from 10 to 6.30am. She was someone who was also a great worker. She picked it up very easily and did a great job.

Having them both come in, meant that we weren't tired all the time and more relaxed.

On the Thursday we headed up to Sunshine Plaza shopping centre at Maroochydore. I always get some great bargains there. I found a dress for my 50th, a beach towel on special at Myers for aqua aerobics and some pressies for friends. I also treated myself to San Churro.

Peter and Ryan came back home on that Friday as they had a football match to go to. They also went to the Gold Coast on Saturday for Ryan to visit his girlfriend Jade and see Peter's mum for mother's day, before returning to the coast on the Sunday.

I on the other hand spent Friday going to a party shop and getting some decorations for my party. On the Saturday I went to Noosa to have lunch with some friends who I went to school with from primary school. I love catching up with Tanya and Carolyn. We had a beautiful Thai lunch before heading back to Tanya's house. About 7 hours after we first met up, I headed back to the unit. As I sat down to dinner, fireworks were being set off just outside one of the windows (but in the distance) and it seemed like a show just for me.

Mother's Day and the wonderful Lawson family arrived to spend the day, just beating Peter and Ryan returning. Again a day of laughing, fishing, talking and more talking and another great day. It wasn't to end then however, with Jade and her friend Jess surprised me by turning up at 10.30 that night. They came bearing flowers and lollies and what was going to be an early night in bed - which is where I was when they arrived lol - turned into a nearly 1am night after yakking to them in the bedroom. A great way to end Mother's Day.

The next day I knew that Ryan's girlfriend Jade was coming up for a couple of days to surprise him. As I was leaving with the girls to Montville, I said that a friend would be turning up in an hour. Ryan said he was going to leave my friends to wait by themselves until I got back. We all laughed and said 'yeah I bet you don't'. On returning, Peter told us that when they went down Ryan was grumbling, but as soon as he saw Jade his face lite up.

We on the other hand went to Montville. I got some thank you lollies for my party. An outfit for our Jade to wear and some yummy choc macadamia fudge. On the way back we called into the cheese factory. Nowhere near as good as Hunter Belle Cheese, but the yoghurt I got from them was so light in your mouth, with a true passionfruit taste from the pulp littered through it.

Jess and Jade left after lunch. Throughout all this I got invited to go to the Ipswich Cup next month, so my mind was racing as to what I would wear. I settled on the dress I had gotten for my party and we again went back to Sunshine Plaza to try and find a hat. I found one that had a white flower, but pulling it off, I put on a black one, got some blue feathers and blue diamantes to dress it up and I had a one of a kind hat. So my $25 dress is going to 3 outings so far lol

We showed Ryan's Jade (see how confusing my life is with 2 Jades haha) around the coast. That night Peter and I went out for a meal at the RSL. Bloody awful meal, but at least the $176 I took out of the poker machine covered the cost.

Jade left to go back to work and Uni. I was able to get presents for the 7 birthdays we have happening in the next month, so that made me feel that I was organized.

Thursday we went to Golden Beach tavern for lunch. For $10 my meal of fish and salad was wonderful. The boys had steak and commented it was cooked to perfection. Well worth going to is your ever up that way.

Friday lunch and Steve and Cindy came for lunch and brought Steve's dad along so he could admire the view. Speaking of the view, it has an awesome reaction from people. When Jess and Jade came, it was night. The following morning Jess walked out and he first words were OMG. The same reaction from Jo the overnight support worker. She arrived at night and when it got light enough for her to see the view, she was awestruck.

Saturday was the Coffee Club for lunch. Its right opposite the beach and very relaxing to sit and enjoy a meal while watching the happenings on the beach. Another old friend Julie came over that afternoon for a catch up.

Peter and Ryan left Sunday afternoon and I finished packing. I also got to spend a couple of hours with Judy the manager of where we stay. We get along really well and enjoy catching up on how each others families are doing.

As I drove home this morning, it was with a heavy heart and a wish that it was time for us to move up there. Have I mentioned that I am gradually selling any excess items I have? I am culling so that all we have left will fit in a unit.

So for another 13 months, it is goodbye Sunshine coast, lots of fresh seafood and great friends and view.