Thursday, 16 February 2012

People watching

While out and about today, I witnessed a guy riding a trike into the car park. This guy only had one arm. Thinking to myself, how wonderful it was that he could still ride and more than likely enjoy it. 
As I was leaving an hour or so later I passed his trike. His number plate was 'ugly'. I immediately thought 'how sad'. I wonder if that is how he sees himself? To me, I saw someone who was brave and enjoying life. 

It then brings me to one of my favourite hobbies when out - people watching. 

You can do it as you walk around, or sit in a shopping centre or park. I like to look at people and imagine what their life is like. 

One day I was at a restaurant and their was this old couple having lunch. The woman had trouble speaking and couldn't feed herself. The man with her - who I imagined was her husband - fed her and wiped her mouth after eating. He was very loving and caring with her and it was as if no one else in the world was there. You could see the love he had for her. It was very moving and you felt a bit like an interloper witnessing it. I imaged that they lived in their own little cocoon all their lives, madly in love.

When people watching, you can make up widely exaggerated stories about them. You might see a worn out mother dragging her screaming brat along and imagine she is going to get him home and gag him while he is tied up on the lounge, so that she can sit in peace and enjoy a cup of coffee. and sigh. 

You could imagine that the homeless man that you saw outside the art gallery, was really the artist wanting to see reactions to his work. The snooty woman, who pushed in front of everyone at the store, probably goes home to a household that ignores and pushes her around. 

So maybe the guy today, didn't think he was ugly, but it was just sad thinking that he might.