Friday, 16 November 2012

Dream renovation

Do you ever have a dream that is a continuation of another dream? I do and while it is very rare, it happened this week.

Ages ago I had a dream that we bought this house that needed a heap of renovations done to it. It was almost like an old castle. So much character to it. It had 4 levels - yes it was HUGE.

The walls were a grey stone, but the steps leading up to the front door, were more what you would find for a modern hardy plank home. They were in need of a lot of repair and very unstable. The inside of the main entry floor, was a heap of small rooms, that were really nothing rooms. A lot of walls needed to be knocked down for it to be truly liveable.

We really only used the top 3 floors. We were able to renovate them into a very regal look. Lots of burgundy carpet, with very wide sweeping staircases and heavy drapes. The kitchen was huge and old timber with a couple of walk in pantries. The inside was just magic.

Outside though was a different story. The yard was bare, the grass was dying and the driveway was pot-holed dirt. Weeds grew out from the foundations and it really gave the feeling of despair.

Now the bottom level was one we never ventured into. It was cold and damp. There were a lot of books lining it that were dusty and mouldy. A lot of the books were first edition. There was also some sort of entity in there that scared the bejeebers out of us. Going in there you got this creepy feeling of someone watching you and following you around. Your spine would tingle and hairs stand on end and butterflies would be going berserk in your stomach. I couldn't get out of there fast enough and so we decided never to go in there again.

In my second dream, it was the same house, with looks and feelings. Troy had moved home and the 3 stories with a monstrous amount of room was feeling too small haha. Then Jade said she was going to move home and we went into a panic as to where to put everyone. It didn't matter that we had about twelve bedrooms, we just wanted everyone to be happy.

We made the hard decision to convert the bottom floor into a granny flat for Jade. One part of it was not too bad and we easily installed a kitchen and bed and had it looking very much like a loft area. It had its own door out to the side of the house, so that privacy for coming and goings was available.

I was extremely happy with the way that it looked, but there was still that creepy feeling in the other part of it. I would stand looking at the loft area with the books behind me, and my spine would tingle. I knew I had to get brave and clear it all out.

I got the kids to bring in some boxes and said we would start to pack up the books. As we started on the first row, something really strange happened. Behind them was not the rows of books that had been there the first time we went down. Instead there were rows and rows of extremely high warehouse type shelving. On all the shelves were all the toys the kids had when they were younger - although in real life they weren't.

Looking at all the toys, I was flooded with memories of their childhood and the fun they had. Tears came to my eyes as I looked around and thought of the time wasted in this house because of fear of this area, when it could of brought me so much happiness.

I didn't know how they had gotten there and we thought maybe the removalists had put them in when we moved in. There was so much Thomas stuff it was unbelievable. Toys like you would find in a public park - swings, rockets, etc. It was a treasure trove of memories.

It was also the answer to us being able to sell these items off and get out of debt and finish the house on the outside. The items you could never buy now and for some reason were one of a kind.

So that is just one of my dreams that have a continuation, what are yours?