Friday, 8 February 2013

My Baby

It's amazing how quickly life flashes by. You just seem to blink and your babies are all grown up into young adults. Sometimes you wish you could just slow down the world and enjoy for longer the journey you all take.

So it brings me to say why I feel this way. On Valentines Day, my baby turns 21. OMG where have the years gone?

Troy to me, is still that little boy with fine blonde hair that would have a mind of its own.

Troy came into our lives at a time that we needed something good. Out of 7 pregnancies, he was the only one not conceived on fertility drugs. To this day, I am sure he was sent to soften the blow and help us cope at a time we needed it. Rather than going into it all, it is written on here -

Three kids in three years didn't leave much time to think. 

From the word go, Troy had a mind of his own and we all knew for sure he had arrived. He was the one that would rip off his nappy when he was in his cot and trying to take after his father's profession, would paint the cot, the walls and anything else he could reach with poop. 

He was my climber and nothing was going to stop him from going where he wanted to. He had a stubborn streak and we often had a battle of wills. 

The two things that really stick out - Troy had a dummy and no one and nothing was going to take it off of him. To me he had gotten too old to have one at two, so I had to cut it up to stop him using it. After the initial cries which lasted all of half an hour, it was soon forgotten. 

The other item was an outfit that he had. Anyone who knew Troy back then would remember it - black and fluro green bike pants, with a matching t shirt. It was so bad that I had to buy another, so that the dirty one could go in the wash. It didn't matter if you let him choose something to buy, he would still only want to wear this outfit. It was stained and getting ratty. In the end, it had to go the same way as the dummy and be cut up (well it almost just fell apart). Again more tears, but soon over it. 

It must of been this tortured memory that left his mark on his fashion sense. Over the years, I could take the other two anywhere and buy them anything to wear. Troy was different, he had to have just the right clothes that he liked. So he always ended up with less clothes, because his cost more than the variety store ones of his brother and sister. 

Troy was never been a clingy child. He was always saying 'I can do it'.  He was though and still is to a degree, someone who didn't want to be in the spotlight. While noisy around home, he was quiet with those he didn't know. 

I can still remember him going through primary school, and every time he had to give an oral, his legs would be shaking so much, that it is a wonder he could stand up. He excelled in Maths at school, to the point that his year 8 teacher would tell me that Troy could work out equations quicker than he could knowing the answer. 

Troy has had a wide variety of interests over the years. He use to do karate and advanced a couple of belts in that at a very young age. He was then old enough to play soccer, which he did in the winter months for a few years. His team did very well, making the finals nearly every year. Troy was fantastic as goal keeper, although he did play all positions. 

In the summer months, Troy did Little Athletics for a couple of years. Again something that he did well in and at school with athletics as well. He had decided to give up little A's and finally decided on tenpin bowling as his summer sport. Again he excelled in this and by the second year was also playing the adult league and in the Ipswich team. Troy continued with this for around the next 6 years. 

Even before Troy was old enough. He got a job at the local bowling centre. He did this until he started his apprenticeship. 

Career wise, Troy had wanted to be an electrician. A friend of ours, offered to give him some work experience to see if he liked it. After the first week, Troy told us that he thought it was boring and that crawling around in ceilings full of installation that would creep its way into every crevice you had, was not something he wanted to do.

Troy was then sent by the school to do experience with a marine upholster. While he enjoyed this and was offered a school based apprenticeship, he couldn't see himself sitting in a shed all day. The guy was upset, as he said that Troy was the hardest worker that had been sent to him.

At this time, one of the guys that Troy bowled with, offered him some school holiday work, helping him in his tiling business. The first day saw Troy carting over a tonne of tiles up 2 stories in a house. He loved it! So he set out to find himself an apprenticeship. This came in the form of Apprenticeship Queensland.

Troy left school - or rather ran from school - to start the next stage of his life. It wasn't always easy, as there were down times when there were no hosts to employ him. Even with these down times, Troy finished his apprenticeship in under 3 years. 

The good about going through an agency is that you get to work with a variety of people and gather a wealth of knowledge. The bad is that at the end of your time, you have no job. Troy was able to pick up work here and there with tilers. Over a year ago, he set up his own business. It is going in leaps and bounds and he has a fantastic name around the area. He has gone to jobs to fill in for regular tilers and done such a great job that companies have made him their number 1 tiler to call on. 


Right up until the last twelve months, Troy was still someone who was quiet around those he didn't know. Having his own business, he has come out of his shell in leaps and bounds. He has strong values and God help you if you have kids that don't behave, as he will tell you how he could never get away with any crap and kids need discipline haha. 

At 17, Troy became a dad to a kilo little ball of energy - spanner. He came home with his dad, slept in his room, went for drives with him and even now, sits at night next to him. I think there is a similarity in colouring between the two of them haha.

Troy's feelings run deep. You don't always know what he is thinking or feeling. He will just do things out of the blue, that really show an insight into his mind. An example of this is that the necklace in the above photos. Ryan gave that to him when he was about 13. It only comes off, when he is doing something where it might get lost eg skiing. It stays there and if you ask him if he wants a necklace for a present, the answer is no, he has one. The other, was him going out and getting a tattoo of Ryan's portrait. Not many brothers would do that. It moved Ryan and I think he finally realized how much his brother really does love him.

I could not ask for a better son. Troy is wise beyond his years, caring and thoughtful. He would go without, to make the world an easier place for you to be in. He isn't a fool and won't let anyone treat him like one. I am so proud of him and the man he has become. 

So on February 14th, when you turn 21. Troy you can know that I am wishing you, all the happiness that I know you deserve. I hope that his year, is all you want it to be and more. I promise that I will still keep driving you nuts at times and speaking of driving, that I will continue to make you feel unsafe in the car with me driving and NO you cannot drive my car lol.
Love you lots and forever xxx

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Thank God January is over

All I can say is that I am glad that January 2013 is over. I wasn't going to write about it, but since it is part of my life and that is what this blog is, it needs to be written.

The Good.

I went and saw South Pacific, Mouse Trap and Les Miserables. Loved them all and felt very cultural haha. I went to the Gold Coast food and wine expo, where I got some great recipes and also discovered some new food. I was chosen to go on stage with Justine Schofield and toss a crepe . I thought to myself 'this is not going to go well' haha. But I did it!!

I had a fill in my band and considering I hadn't had one for 11 months, Dr Adib was very pleased that I had maintained my weight and not put on, as most would have. My diabetes blood test came back fine, so another positive.

I got to spend time with good friends on my days out and to that I am grateful. I have such a diverse group of wonderful friends.

The Bad.

Peter has to help everyone. Over the years he has been burnt a couple of times, but nothing like this month. A friend's brother wanted him to paint his car. Long story short, he wanted the car back before it was finished. Peter told him he would have to bring it back. The guy then got his sister who is a lawyer involved.

Peter had a nervous breakdown. I was having to deal with it all and talk to lawyers, who said that they had no case. Due to the harassment of the sister, Peter would then get worse. I got to the point of just not being able to deal with it all. I ended up giving the guy what he wanted, which was everything he had paid - money for paint used, money to panel beater. He hadn't paid for the painting, but it was more paying him to piss off.

I had to borrow money to make up the shortfall. Have been selling my jewellery, carousel, bell and crystal collections and anything else I can get my hands on. They are just things and its more important to me to get rid of this headache.

In amongst all this. Ryan had an ear infection and a burst eardrum. The antibiotics were playing havoc with his bladder. At times he couldn't go without hoping out of his chair. Since I can't do this, I would have to ring Peter at work to help. Even though he would clocked off and he gets to work his own hours, his boss went off and we thought Peter was going to lose his job.

Now add in more crap with DSQ to top it all off. The couple of days without power or phone from the floods was nothing. An inconvenience to looking after Ryan, but nothing more. Peter is getting better since it has all gone away and he can bury his head back in the sand (this is how he deals with most things. Not a criticism as such, just his way).

I think that I have used up my years worth of crying and so it now all has to just get better.

I joined the relief baked team on facebook and did the cooking for Laidley area, as my way of giving back and trying to restore my karma balance (can't think of any other way to say it). I am going to put January in a box and burn it.

Thanks to those friends that gave me a shoulder to cry, scream and complain on.

Now lastly, something that I thought of this week. When I had the reading, she told me that I there would be some trouble involving money and the law. I thought police, but with what has happened, it is lawyer. I am not a firm believer, but so much has come true with what she said. Food for thought.