Friday, 15 June 2012

It's the little things

Have you ever noticed how its the little things in life that give you the most pleasure? I had two instances today that made me thing of this.

The first was a question about what is your simple pleasure? My response was - to sit and watch the ocean. It's so peaceful and very calming. Even when the seas are rough and waves are crashing onto the beach with all of natures fury; it is still calming to watch. And it is free!!

The second - well I am sitting here enjoying a cappuccino that I have just made. Now if you're like me, you like to use a spoon to eat the froth. I started to think, how this bit of fluffy, melt once it hits your mouth bit of milk, can make your feel so good. As  you put the loaded spoon to your mouth, it's like a mouthful of air but with flavour. Delicious!

Of course this then got me thinking about all the other things that make you feel good and have you noticed that the things you enjoy most, are things that are free or if not free, just about cost nothing.

A smile from a stranger when your out in the community, a friend who rings to see how you are doing,  the smile of a baby/young child and their infectious laughter. A hug from your children or partner, or a 'I love you'.

What about when your out in your garden. Seeing the plants you put in growing or flowering. Watching butterflies or insects flutter from plant to plant, or the birds that might land to rest in your yard.

Doing something for other people without expectations can also give you that glowing feeling through your body. It might be you giving the smile or sharing plants or teaching someone a skill that you have learnt.

Sometimes I think we all need to step back.... take a break....and enjoy the here and now. Enjoy those simple pleasures and recognize them for what they are - Life at its best.