Friday, 13 April 2012

My Kids

Sitting here reflecting on my kids.

While I have not always been the best parent - and lets face it, who has - I have must of done some things right, judging by how they have turned out.

They have great work ethics. Jade and Troy both having had jobs from the time they were old enough to. By the age of 20, both had more responsibility that people years older than them, would find hard to deal with.

They are there when we need them and know they would do almost anything for us and visa versa.

While Ryan and Jade are very outgoing, Troy is more reserved but none are ever nasty to others. If anything, they can more allow themselves to be used by others, than to make waves.

Yes they had periods of getting drunk, but that only happened a couple of times each. They never drink drive and none smoke.

I know they can be moody, pain in the arses at times and can give me grief, headaches and worries. After all I didn't bring them up to be perfect.

I worry about them, that's something I can't control. I only want the best for them.

I am proud of who they are and love them all, with all my heart.