Friday, 29 June 2012


Do you ever have a dream that just seems to stay with you? I had one a couple of nights ago. I wonder what the dream readers would make of this one.

I was on a cruise and I think with Peter, but that is a bit hazy. It seemed to be an around this world type of cruise.

Anyway, we had docked in an African country. The reason for being here, was that we were going to see the world's greatest wonder... although none of us knew what it was. The crew had told us that the reason we were in this port, was that we had to wait for the tide to come in, so that the ship could be manoeuvred to the area we were going and that the ships that were there would get out.

For whatever reason, the tide was very detailed. Where the other ships were, would have high tide while we were still low. Then they would sail out and we would all pass at a point where the high/low tide met. Once in this area, we had to wait until the next tide change to do what we had to and get out.

The other thing we were told, was to not go too far. If the ship left dock before we got back on, there was no way to join back up until everything was over.

With nothing really to look at in this village. I decided to go for a walk. As I walked along, some African children joined me. The more that joined the quicker I walked, until finally I was doing a slow jog.... and loving it.

I was heading up a dusty, dirt road. It was quiet steep, but the further up I got the faster I ran. As I reached the top, I was suddenly on a cliff edge. I was waving my arms around in a circle trying to get my balance without falling. My heart was racing and my breathing stopped. But more than that, my body was feeling joyous. A huge, amazing wondrous sight was before me.

My body stabilized, but that didn't matter. I was too busy taking in what was before me. In the distance was a line of cruise ships. They were waiting for the tide to rise. When a wave came in, a ship would ride it and rise higher and higher into the air. No one was on the decks, as it was too dangerous to be out, due to the swaying of the ship from side to side. You could see everyone inside, glued to the windows, with what I imagine was the same look on my face.

Before them and me, was an amazing gold and stone lost Inca temple. I could only see the roof and part of the back as I looked down on it, but those on the ship, rose up to be level and see it in all its glory.

As that ship went out with the wave, another came in and so on until they all got to see it. I had a nervous excitement run through my body. I knew that I would be hurt from the throwing around on the ship, but did I want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

I started to run as fast as I could down the hill and back towards the dock. I wanted to ring Peter or the ship and tell them I was coming and I wanted to do this. But I had forgotten my phone. I ran faster and faster and was amazed that my asthma didn't play up and happy that it didn't since I also had left the ship without my inhaler.

As I ran into the village I couldn't find the ship. In fact I couldn't even find any water. There was a compound with armed military guards around it. I tried to ask them where the ship was. They didn't speak English but just kept pushing me out of the area with their guns.

I had stopped and searched the skyline for any sign of a ship above the buildings but nothing........then my alarm woke me.