Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Vent, vent and more vent.

You would think that by now I would of learnt, but no I make the same mistakes over again.

Lets go back to Sunday. Woke at 4am with asthma, had a slight headache most of the day. Had lunch with friends from school and had a fantastic time. At the end of the afternoon, I was helping Jade to clean up the club and suddenly went pale, felt like I would pass out and then the aching started. Every muscle and joint in my body hurt, even under my feet. I had to get Jade to drive me home, since I didn't trust myself to. Got home and went to sleep. Woke no better but tried to eat a bit, then back to bed. Next day I woke with my asthma still playing up, but at least most of the aching was gone.

Now due to this, it meant that Peter puts in more time with Ryan when he should be sleeping before getting up at 3am for work. I then get guilty, so end up staying up longer and longer each night, so that he can rest. That in turn makes me cranky pants.

This week also saw my orders from big w, groupon and godeals not arriving, when they were all due around 2 weeks ago. In phone calls with big w, I would get frustrated as every call I was told a different story, until today they finally admitted they have no idea where it is. I will tell them where to put it shortly. I am sure some three legged blind reindeer is bringing it to me while reading his map upside down.

Today I also ring origin electricity to change the plan I am on. Prior to ring, as you do, I looked up best deals online by them and competitors. Rang up and the guy offered me a better deal on usage but gave me a ridiculous price on supply. I pointed out to him that on the site it lists it at a certain price. He told me that was wrong and wouldn't budge, so I didn't change it. Did some more research and rang back and got someone different. Yes the price I had seen online was right and he didn't know where the guy got the higher price from. Grrrr what a friggin waste of time that was. Why they first person couldn't look it up properly I will never know.

All this on top of terrible customer service in stores these days, has me thinking I will never buy anything ever again.

Last night I was on a facebook page that I frequent. Someone there had commented that they had stumbled across a Muslim trading post page. It went into a big deal with people calling them racist and one person ringing channel 10, telling them the site had only been opened 1 day and 431 listings and what a worry that was. Being in the mood I was in and normally would of just ignored it, I went in with my two cents worth. Before doing it, I went and looked at the site. It had been running since 2002 and the 431 posts were in 9 years, not 1 day. They weren't doing anything wrong and the site said that people had to act within the Muslim upbringing guidelines... which basically worded into honour. I had a couple of bites back. But when I pointed out that it was really no different to the catholic leader and that the post was inciting racism that it got deleted.

You don't have to agree with other people's beliefs, but as long as they are not harming me or my friends, then that is fine.

So in this week of sickness, tiredness and grumpiness, the toll shows on my body with my lap band. After going to Ryan every bloody 20 mins until 2am, then him calling out today for help and me rushing and not thinking, I end up drinking to fast. When I am stressed my band is tighter, so drinking fast meant it came up just as quick.

So tomorrow is a new day, time for me to take some deep breathes and relax and get back on track to only slightly grumpy lol.