Monday, 30 January 2012

The list is going down

I got to cross off another item on my list today. Peter and I went to Gold Class movie and saw The Descendants with George Clooney in it. Was a good movie and going made me more determined to try and get out there and go more often.

I am on track with putting the $5 a day away, have read more books and constantly thinking of other things I can do. I also have bought tickets for the comedy club, now just to go before the end of March. Its helping with getting Peter out and doing things as well.

For the last few months he hasn't been coping very well. Well neither of us have really, but him more so. I am also trying to get some extra hours for personal care for Ryan and going to see about getting another night a week for overnight care. It will all come down to costs, so keep your fingers crossed for us.

I am lucky that I have some good friends, who have taken time out of their busy lives to spend time with me and let me get out what I need to. That they care enough about us, is more than I could ever ask for and for that I thank them.

Now back to my list. I am thinking of adding - go on the Brisbane wheel - to the list. Being terrified of heights, I thought this would be a great one to test my nerves lol. I also might change the flying lesson to a simulated one, just to see if I freak out in that or not. We were going to go to the Darling Downs zoo today for me to hold the snake, but due to all this wet weather we haven't been able to.

I also still haven't heard back from the group with the food van for the homeless. I will try and ring them tomorrow and if I don't have any luck with them, will try a different one.

Well enough crap from me for now. Take care all