Friday, 29 June 2012


Do you ever have a dream that just seems to stay with you? I had one a couple of nights ago. I wonder what the dream readers would make of this one.

I was on a cruise and I think with Peter, but that is a bit hazy. It seemed to be an around this world type of cruise.

Anyway, we had docked in an African country. The reason for being here, was that we were going to see the world's greatest wonder... although none of us knew what it was. The crew had told us that the reason we were in this port, was that we had to wait for the tide to come in, so that the ship could be manoeuvred to the area we were going and that the ships that were there would get out.

For whatever reason, the tide was very detailed. Where the other ships were, would have high tide while we were still low. Then they would sail out and we would all pass at a point where the high/low tide met. Once in this area, we had to wait until the next tide change to do what we had to and get out.

The other thing we were told, was to not go too far. If the ship left dock before we got back on, there was no way to join back up until everything was over.

With nothing really to look at in this village. I decided to go for a walk. As I walked along, some African children joined me. The more that joined the quicker I walked, until finally I was doing a slow jog.... and loving it.

I was heading up a dusty, dirt road. It was quiet steep, but the further up I got the faster I ran. As I reached the top, I was suddenly on a cliff edge. I was waving my arms around in a circle trying to get my balance without falling. My heart was racing and my breathing stopped. But more than that, my body was feeling joyous. A huge, amazing wondrous sight was before me.

My body stabilized, but that didn't matter. I was too busy taking in what was before me. In the distance was a line of cruise ships. They were waiting for the tide to rise. When a wave came in, a ship would ride it and rise higher and higher into the air. No one was on the decks, as it was too dangerous to be out, due to the swaying of the ship from side to side. You could see everyone inside, glued to the windows, with what I imagine was the same look on my face.

Before them and me, was an amazing gold and stone lost Inca temple. I could only see the roof and part of the back as I looked down on it, but those on the ship, rose up to be level and see it in all its glory.

As that ship went out with the wave, another came in and so on until they all got to see it. I had a nervous excitement run through my body. I knew that I would be hurt from the throwing around on the ship, but did I want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

I started to run as fast as I could down the hill and back towards the dock. I wanted to ring Peter or the ship and tell them I was coming and I wanted to do this. But I had forgotten my phone. I ran faster and faster and was amazed that my asthma didn't play up and happy that it didn't since I also had left the ship without my inhaler.

As I ran into the village I couldn't find the ship. In fact I couldn't even find any water. There was a compound with armed military guards around it. I tried to ask them where the ship was. They didn't speak English but just kept pushing me out of the area with their guns.

I had stopped and searched the skyline for any sign of a ship above the buildings but nothing........then my alarm woke me.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Cup Day

Thank you to my friend Veronica for making it possible for me to cross off number 4 on my list of attending a Cup Day.

Last month, Veronica a friend of mine or as I say with much fondness 'that we put up with each other', asked if I wanted to go to Ipswich Cup. After some thought I said yes and so the build up to the day began.

I can't remember if I told you that I had bought a dress for my party while on holidays at the Sunshine Coast. A lovely electric blue dress with black beads. It was originally $110 but I got it for $25 on sale. Bargain!! So I decided to wear this to the Ipswich Cup.

As I am not a big shoe person, I already had my standard sandals to wear and I had a bag to match. So that only left a hat. I dragged Peter around and we found that since it wasn't Melbourne Cup time, hats were not to be found. In the end I found a hat at Target on sale. The flower on it was the wrong colour, so I bought another, some feathers, blue diamantes and walla!, a hat was born. Earring to match - yes on sale and my whole outfit cost me under $40.

On the day Peter drove Veronica, her husband Doug, Joel her daughters boyfriend, her friends Maree and Michelle and myself to the cup. We met Veronica's brother Brendan, or as he is affectantly known 'cranky pants'.  I must say, we were a very smart looking bunch.

After a short trek down the street, over grass and across the track, we arrived at the Breezers Marquee. It was easy to find a table for us to sit at, scoop out the surroundings of all the important areas - betting area, check, bar area check.

We had tips from a friend of Veronica's (Warren if you are reading this, Doug and I thought your tips stunk lol). I thought instead of going back and forth I would put the whole days worth of bets on all at the beginning. Probably a wise idea as I knew then how much I had spent and didn't get carried away like some of the guys I saw there, when going back and forth to place bets.

One thing I had thought of doing was to have a big breakfast, since I knew I would be drinking. This I think saved me any embarrassment. You have heard me say I don't drink very much, with 2 or 3 drinks in a session my limit. Yesterday was my once in a blue moon exception to this. I started with a bottle of wine (was equal to 2 standard drinks in the bottles), 2 bottles of champagne by which time my throat was starting to burn from the acid in the drinks.

When I was younger I use to drink Barcardi a lot, but in the last probably 30 years, have only had it once or twice. Since I am not a barcardi and lolly water type of person, I opted for the cans of Barcardi and Cola. It was like saying hello to an old friend. I think I had about 5 of those by the end of the day.

Drinks were included in the price of the ticket for 6 hours and finger foods included for 4 hours. Finger food consisted of pies, sausage rolls, sushi, wraps cut into inch rounds with ham, roast beef, cheese and lettuce. There were spring rolls, money bags, prawn twists and probably other things I have forgotten.

The porta loos were an experience and goes to show I don't get out much. I figured out how to get the water to wash my hands after a while, but had to ask how to flush the toilet as I couldn't figure it out and didn't want to push anything that might have the toilet falling through the floor.

Veronica and I went for a wander around, found the beauty tent where they wanted to fix our hair and make-up. I asked them if we looked that bad and she didn't reply, just gave me vouchers for their salon haha. I got to put a bet on with a bookie, which didn't win.

Doug who had been MIA returned but really just to go to sleep at the table. A group of guys seated near us were entertaining when they got on their chairs to belt out Sweet Caroline.

All in all it was a fantastic day and one that I will repeat again.


Again I have updated my list. One of the things that isn't on here but I achieved recently is crocheting a knee rug. Every year I buy wool and start a rug and don't even get through one ball of wool before I stop. This year I got some lovely chenille wool and for a week set a task of 2 balls a day, and am very pleased to say I finished it.

So now for this winter I have a lovely warm blanket to keep my legs warm.

1. Read 50 34 books in the year. Doesn't matter what type but as long as its 50 and I will be able to keep track with my new kindle.
2. Do another cooking class. At least 1 but hopefully 2. So far done 5, one of which was with Jamie Oliver and one on the ship
3. Go on a holiday, hopefully to Melbourne. I was last there in 1984, so just a few years ago lol
4. Go to a horse 'cup' day
5. Go down another 20kgs (gotten a bit stuck at the moment)
6. Get a lot more writing from my autobiography done - Been doing heaps of that
7. Have lunch or dinner at Bretts wharf or Aria Brisbane - Peter's boss said he is taking me for my birthday
8. Go through the glow worm caves at Springbrook hopefully when the glow fungi is out as well or the fireflies
9. Do a charity event - with not a lot of walking done today MDAQ walk
10. Have a tarot reading - have the name of someone really good in Fernvale
11. Go to a musical (booked for Jersey Boys in July)
12. Go to gold class movie
13. Go on a cruise - booked and leaving in April
14. Get a fish - either fighter or gold fish or two. Now have Elvis my blue suede fighting fish
15. Go to a zoo
16. Go to brisbane city markets
17. Brisbane's koala and river cruise
18. Toowoomba carnival of flowers
19. Attend a dawn service
20. Go to Q1 lookout
21. Have a flying lesson - can't do stimulation due to weight restrictions so will have to think of something else for this one.
22. crystal castle at mullumbimby
23. do a cross stitch
24. have a facial Have had a couple now
25. have a massage
26. try a new food Tried dragon fruit and poppadoms and some vegetarian dishes so far and now macaroons
27. aqua aerobics classes.  Done and going to do more
28. be part of a flash mob - now where does someone find these people
29. Drive a convertible with the top down and music blaring.
30. Get family tree in order - got heaps of this done
31. Go on a retreat
32. Go to the comedy club 
33. Play blackjack at the casino - done and won
34. Swim in the ocean - haven't done this for many many years
35. Go to an opera or listen or an opera singer - don't know if I could sit through a whole opera.
36. Spend a night at maleny/montville
37. Hold a snake - to overcome a fear (Went on the Brisbane wheel to overcome fear of heights but had to get off, so only went around once. Never again lol )
38. Attend the good food festival
39. feed the homeless - was looking into this a couple of months ago but didn't do anything about it. (contacted agencies but none have gotten back to me yet)
40. do a belly dancing class - well I have enough belly to wobble haha
41. try a new drink  tried lots of new ones now lol
42. queen mary falls walk
43. drink a cocktail done and dusted
44. host a murder mystery dinner party - have the game here, now to organize
45. Put $5 a day into money box - use it for something special at the end of the year. - been doing this
46. Have a games night with friends
47. Put $50 on black at the casino for my first and only bet at the table. and won
48. Trike ride from Gold Coast to Mt Tambourine wineries
49. Ride on a carousel
50. Have a kick arse birthday party (venue, dj, food sorted. Decorations started)

Friday, 15 June 2012

It's the little things

Have you ever noticed how its the little things in life that give you the most pleasure? I had two instances today that made me thing of this.

The first was a question about what is your simple pleasure? My response was - to sit and watch the ocean. It's so peaceful and very calming. Even when the seas are rough and waves are crashing onto the beach with all of natures fury; it is still calming to watch. And it is free!!

The second - well I am sitting here enjoying a cappuccino that I have just made. Now if you're like me, you like to use a spoon to eat the froth. I started to think, how this bit of fluffy, melt once it hits your mouth bit of milk, can make your feel so good. As  you put the loaded spoon to your mouth, it's like a mouthful of air but with flavour. Delicious!

Of course this then got me thinking about all the other things that make you feel good and have you noticed that the things you enjoy most, are things that are free or if not free, just about cost nothing.

A smile from a stranger when your out in the community, a friend who rings to see how you are doing,  the smile of a baby/young child and their infectious laughter. A hug from your children or partner, or a 'I love you'.

What about when your out in your garden. Seeing the plants you put in growing or flowering. Watching butterflies or insects flutter from plant to plant, or the birds that might land to rest in your yard.

Doing something for other people without expectations can also give you that glowing feeling through your body. It might be you giving the smile or sharing plants or teaching someone a skill that you have learnt.

Sometimes I think we all need to step back.... take a break....and enjoy the here and now. Enjoy those simple pleasures and recognize them for what they are - Life at its best.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Dial a Sailor

I am sitting here going through a book that I have called The Mothers Book. Its a book that was given to me one Christmas by a friend. You fill it out and give it to your daughter or son. It was put out by a woman whose mother was dying and all the things she wanted to know about her mum before she passed. So mothers answer the questions in it, so your children really get to know you. One of the questions in it had me remembering this time in my life and giving me a giggle.

Actually it is two moments in my life. Both were 1982, the year I turned 20.

I can't remember which one came first, but we will start with the heavy metal band. A friend from school Tracey Latter was working for a skin specialist on Wickham Terrace. She rang me up and asked what I was doing that night. Being a Friday night I was only going to hang out at the Strand Hotel, so told her nothing much. She told me that one of the guys from Iron Maiden had been in to see the doctor and asked her to come out and bring a friend. 'Did I want to go?'

Hell Yeah!!! We met up after work, got ourselves dolled up, ready for a fantastic time on the town. How great was this going to be!! Tracey had arranged that we would meet the guys in the reception of the Park Royal Motel, where they were staying. They were waiting and said they had the night planned.

Oh what a night. Now your thinking, drinking, partying, wild times..... I know we were. What did we do? First we went to the movies to see Monty Python. Then it was off to Jo Jo's in Queen Street for drinks and for a friend of theirs to meet us. This guy sat down chatting. Turns out he was a tennis player. I asked him who he played for and he said 'here'. I was 'Here where?' Him, 'Here Australia'. 'Oh, sorry I don't know you'. His name - Pat Cash.

Anyway, after a few quiet drinks, the night wrapped up. It was funny as no one believed us when we said we had a really quiet night with them. Their reputation was not the reality.

The second thing I did that year was Dial a Sailor. Yes there was such a thing. The Commonwealth Games were being held in Brisbane and ships had come in from Canada. A radio station (I think it might of been 4IP) was running this thing where girls would ring up and put their name down to take out a sailor while they were in town. I rang and put my name down. It sounded like fun.

I had used work's phone number as my contact. If my mother even had a whiff of what I was doing, my life wouldn't have been worth living. I had been on holidays and got back to find that no one had rung yet. I rang the number that I used to register and they transferred me to a ship. While I was talking to them, someone from another ship rang - the Saskatchewan.

I arranged to meet the first guys with a friend at the docks and we would go to New York nightclub. The ones from the Saskatchewan I would meet on Saturday night. I roped in another friend from school, Ann-Veronica (who only recently said she didn't know how I talked her into it lol ).

So Friday night comes and we drive to pick up these first two guys. I guess Canadians aren't very patient as they had gone ahead instead of waiting for us. So as you do, I rang the guys from the second night and offered for them to come. They jumped at the chance and this saw us going to the nightclub with the ship's doctor and head chef.

We had a ball. We also met up with the other two guys there and it turned into a good night. At the end of the night, the guys invited me to a party on board the following night. Ann-Veronica couldn't come, so I said I would let them know, depending on if I could find someone to come with me - I might have been stupid, but I wasn't stupid enough to go alone. They gave me the ships number to ring the following afternoon to work out what was happening.

A friend from work, Judy, said she would come. So I rang the ship and ended up talking to the Captain. We were having a great conversation, and after warning me to wear jeans that night (due to the upward wind when you climb down into the ship), he said I was to say hello to him when I was there.

Now being the 80's and the height of fashion, I wore pink jeans. Anyone from that era will remember the canvas type fabric that coloured jeans came in haha. To get to the ship, we had to board another one, then they had a gang plank thingy over to the Saskatchewan. We then had to go down some stairs - yes with an upward draft - and into the dining room, where the party was to be held.

Again it was another good night, even when a sailor came over to me "Are you Kerrie?" a tentative "Yes". "Come with me". We went down this alleyway and it had doorways just like on the movies that you had to jump over the bottom of. He stopped in front of a door and opened it for me to go in. It was the Captains private party. I had a drink with them all and some conversation but left as soon as I could. The 'ladies' that were there to entertain them, were giving me dirty looks. haha. At the end of this night, we arranged to take the guys to the Gold Coast the following day.

I have to say that this was a great day. Driving down, we were having digs at each other as to who drives on the wrong side of the road. There was a lot of laughter. One of the places we went to was the 'Chew and Spew' (not its real name, but a cafe in Coolangatta). While sitting eating lunch there were some birds outside on the footpath. They asked me what they were. Not wanting to admit I didn't know, I told them they were finches. 'Oh in Canada we call them Sparrows' was the reply to that. "Really!!, What a weird name" I told them haha. I can just imagine these poor guys going back to Canada and telling everyone that in Australia we call sparrows, finches haha.

That afternoon Judy and I dropped the boys back. It really was a weekend to remember and one that always brings a smile to my face. It was a good year, as it was the one when I left home and moved to the Sunshine Coast to live.

Childhood Memories

Don't you think that kids today have a rough deal? Yes they have better technology than we did and the world is a much easier place for travel, but they really miss out compared to how it was for us.

Back when I was a kid (sounds like I am 100 haha), nearly every family had their own veggie patch and chickens. You would always be woken by a rooster crowing somewhere and the eggs had an almost orange yoke, not the pale yellow of today's store eggs. The flavour of the food was so much more intense. One of the main things I miss, is the tartness of Granny Smith apples. Its one of the reasons I now don't eat apples. I loved the way that first bite would send that little shiver in your mouth and the sour juice would run down your chin. Tomatoes actually had a scent and flavour. Yes they made sandwiches go soggy if they were packed for lunch, but when was the last time you had a tomato that would actually do that?

Because we had a cow, I got to drink fresh warm milk and didn't die because it hadn't been pasteurised or homogenized. We would skim the cream off the top and it would be used to make butter in our butter churn. We made our own mayonnaise - 1 tin condensed milk, mustard, vinegar, salt and pepper. The only takeaway stores were fish and chip shops - wrapped in newspaper and Jimmy Wah's the local Chinese shop that had the best cat I mean hamburgers. I never got to try pizza until I was in my teens and tuckshop was only on Fridays at school.

Not all food has left happy memories. For the life of me I cannot eat pea and ham soup or tomato soup. We had this constantly. Peter for the same reason cannot eat chicken soup. Because we would butcher our own animals, dad and Lenny Maroske would make sausage and black pudding... one word YUK. But the ducks that dad and I would shoot on our weekends away were lovely, even if you did have to spit out pellets while eating it.

Kids use to be more social within their neighbourhoods. It didn't matter what school that your mates went to, everyone hung out. After doing your homework, you could go and play until dark. Any small creeks meant fishing for yabbies that you would take home for mum to cook up. I was sad to see that a lot of these small creeks from my childhood are now no longer there. And you certainly wouldn't let your children wander the neighbourhood now.

Saturday mornings once we reached high school, were spent going into town to meet friends. Going to Coles to sit either in their booths or the stools at the cafe counter and having a lime spider to drink. Or getting a creamy smooth malted milk in a glass sundae type cup.

How about school holidays and being lucky enough to be home when the baker came around. It meant that we would get a cream bun. Mr Whippy and his nut sundaes - ice cream, chocolate topping, crushed nuts and wafers. Have your kids every seen a Mr Whippy? The home ice cream van just doesn't cut it.

We never had time to say we were bored. There was always something to do. I spent my childhood riding my brothers push bike, fishing, dissecting frogs, playing with the neighbourhood kids, riding my horse and dad's motorbike. We built cubby's in the bush, used ropes to play high jump, skipping and so much more.

Recently I was showing a young person where I use to live and the route I walked to and from school. They were amazed and really when you stop and think about it, not many kids do walk to and from school these days. Oh and I am not talking about a block or two. I use to walk a couple of kms.

Its sad that kids today don't get to experience the fun we had on Guy Fawkes night, or being able to pick the grapes straight from the vine of yours or your neighbours place and stamp on them in a bucket to try to make wine. Even at school they don't seem to do the art class using your Easter egg wrappers to make pictures or the string art on nail and black velvet that we did. Think about how at school we seemed to do all the basic crafts such as knitting and darning. Now its your buy and throw away society.

Today they seem to grow up too fast in some ways and they are very naive in others.  Whether its because the world has gotten smaller through the media or because the world has gotten worse, we now don't allow our kids the freedom to play how we did without worrying.

Sometimes I just wish we could go back to a more simple place to live in, or maybe I just wish I could go back to a time when I could be a kid.

Monday, 4 June 2012


Everyone has beliefs, but not everyone has respect for others beliefs.

Some people believe in God, a Higher Being, Angels, religion of some sort. Others do not. Some believe in a combination of religion and science. Everyone, no matter who they are, has some sort of belief system.

I have found that there are people who do force their religion on others. They might be the door knockers that come around, someone on the computer that sends you religious messages, or a friend that might just tell you to go to church with them at every chance they get.

Then there are those that mock religion at every chance or do the same as above and send you messages on your computer about atheistism (don't know if that is a word, but it is now lol). 

What both of these groups of people don't tend to realize is that they are the same. "What!!" I hear you say. "I am not like them." Well guess what..... you are. You don't respect what others believe. 

Why am I writing about this? Well its simple. I feel because of these two groups of people, that I have to watch what I say. If something happens to one person, I won't go in and say that they are in my prayers as they would get offended by it. The same as I don't go into posts where people are asking your to pray for something that I don't believe in. 

They say a lot of wars are caused by religion and yes that is true. But isn't it also true that a lot are started because of someone else's intolerance to the religion that other people believe in. 

So what are my beliefs. Well they are complex. I believe that yes the world was created millions of years ago and the evolution of man. I also believe in a God/Higher Being and that they created the universe that allowed all this to happen. I believe in the ascended masters and that above all of them is a higher being ( you can find them here ).

I believe in psyhics, crystals, meditation and various other therapies/beliefs. I also believe there is a lot about creation and religion that we don't know. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that when our time is up, its up and nothing we do can change that.

I have heard a lot of people ask about faith as its something you can't prove. My thoughts are - neither is love. You can't see love or prove it. Its a feeling, a belief. Faith is the same thing.

But I will go on how I do now. I tend to keep everything neutral when talking to someone eg I am thinking of you, rather than I am praying for you and I try to respect their views. At Christmas time I tend to go a general Merry Christmas. Some people don't celebrate Christmas and that is fine. I am not going to stop being their friend because of it.

Being and thinking differently is what makes the world what it is today. Respect for fellow human beings is what will make it a peaceful place to live in.