Sunday, 12 February 2012

New and not so good

Well today I did some new things. I had decided to go on the Brisbane Eye and thought after going on the sky safari at Taronga Zoo that I would be fine. I was going to go on it at night first, as I figured then it wouldn't be so scary. Since we were at South Bank today, we decided to go on it.

I asked the woman when we bought our ticket if it rocked. She said 'no, not unless you make it'. She told me there was an emergency button and if you pushed it, they would get you off. I was nervous, but we got on and I started to take some photos with the camera. I could feel my nerves getting on edge a bit, as it was swaying and figured that I would just look straight ahead and I would be fine.

I took my eyes away from the camera and WHAM it hit me!! Panic surged through my body and I felt like I couldn't breathe. They were stopping us on the top to load in more people. I was gripping Peters hand so I didn't fall. I could only just get out to him 'push the button'. I was paralyzed with fear.

I can't remember it going down, only that when it got to the bottom, I didn't think it was going to stop. There was no way that I could of stayed on it for the 12 minutes you go on it for. I guess at least I can say, I went on it.

When we got off, the green rickshaw bikes were there. One asked if we were interested and so we said yes. Told him to take us where he wanted. lol. We went to GOMA where we had a drink.

Even though these 2 things weren't on my list. They were things I had said I wanted to do. So now we have. Nothing like pushing your comfort zone. While I might not do that again, I will still try to push my boundaries and live life.