Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Farm - autobiography

I have briefly spoken about my grandparents farm, today I tell you more.

I loved that place. While I can't remember what the house itself looked like, I can remember a lot about it. It was outside of Gympie. The entrance of the driveway was where the metal tin were left with milk in them to be picked up. On the right hand side of the driveway - which was just a dirt track really - was the bull's paddock. I remember me along with my cousins Neville and Wayne, would go down there with something red and run like blazes if the bull looked at us.

The driveway then made its way up the hill to the house. Looking out the back of the house was the farmland. Looking to the right was the milking shed, where the cows were milked morning and night. I can still picture the machine that went onto their udders to get the milk. Pa use to do this by himself. Looking back now, it must of been hard work, getting them all in and then the milking and taking the milk down to the fence to be collected.

I don't remember a lot of inside the house, but I do remember the phone. It was one that you had to wind the handle to talk to the operator. We use to do that just to see how it worked.

I know Pa had his prize chickens but can't recall where they were. I remember heaps of ribbons that he had from the local show. Nana always seemed to be in the kitchen.

It probably wasn't, but it always seemed really green there and I remember that riding on Pa's tractor was a real treat. I can see myself sitting on a tree trunk and thinking I was king of the hill. Its hard to remember what is real. I know that by the time I was in about year 3 that they had moved into town.

I can't even remember if they had a horse and if that is where my love of them came from. I think this week I will have to start going through some photos that I have here and see if I can remember some more.