Saturday, 18 February 2012

Please don't see me!!

Reading a book at the moment that is quite funny. One part likens going into Maccas on a par with going into a sex shop or strip joint - you don't want anyone to see you.

Again my little brain starts ticking over and my fat thoughts come into play. I thought I would give you an insight into how a fat brain thinks.

Its okay to arrange to meet friends for coffee at Maccas. After all, with friends around you aren't going to order the double quarter pounder, with giant fries and large soft drink and large sundae. No your going to have a coffee, maybe even a mugaccino and if you indulge the smallest size cake from McCafe. If anyone sees you, then its okay: You're there with your friends.

Now if your calling in by yourself, that is a whole different matter. It doesn't matter if your just going to buy a bottle of water. You will more than likely use the drive through, as it gives you the best chance to get away before anyone sees you. If you do walk inside, your head is down so that eye contact cannot be made. You feel like everyone is wondering 'why is the fat girl here'.

Thinking about it, it is probably more comfortable walking into a sex shop. You never run into anyone you know there haha.

Doing the grocery shopping is an art. You can hide anything that isn't healthy under your fruit and veggies. And if you have enough experience, you can make the pile look like its only fresh food in your trolley. At the checkout you will try to get it on and off the conveyor belt asap. It doesn't even matter if its not for you, but someone else in your family. Everyone will think its yours.

I think fat people that turn thin should become super sleuths. They have had years of practice in camouflage and disguise.

How many larger people that you know, will say 'I shouldn't have this' or 'I am trying to watch what I eat'? They say this because that is what they think you are thinking and they want to get in first. A skinny person saying this to you, gives the impression of 'I am like this because this is how I think and if you did, then you would be thin as well'.

Its not just food you know. Lets take shopping for underwear. This is probably the best way to explain to thin people, how fatties think. You need to buy a new pair of knickers. You pick up a pair of nice Lacy ones or something in bright pretty colours. You don't really care who sees them, no matter what size they are. But then you go shopping for the big, Bridget Jones, suck them in and push it in undies. Now you don't want anyone to think you are wearing these, so normally hide them under some other purchases or your handbag. If you did happen to run into someone you knew, who just happened to see those undies, you would make some joke about them to cover up your embarrassment.

People will say that fatties shouldn't think like that. Here is something that happened this morning and happens quite often to me.

I had done an online health assessment with my health fund and they ring to see if they can give you any information to you on things that you have wrong. The woman that rang this morning started off with my asthma, then said about my weight. Did I know that a healthy bmi is this and that overweight is this and that I am in the very overweight range and how did I feel about that? My reply was yes I knew all that and that my bmi now being under 50 was good. I told her that I had lost 60 kgs so far. Her reply to that wasn't 'good on you, and are you still losing', it was ' well you need to be down to this amount and how are you going to do that?'

After getting off the weight side of things, came blood pressure. She said that mine being 121/71 was fine, but being overweight wouldn't be helping that and losing weight I could get off blood pressure medication. I told her I wasn't on any blood pressure medication (earlier in the week when I went in for tests in hospital, they kept asking me if I was sure I wasn't on any. Duh I know what goes in my mouth.). So she went on to say that if I didn't lose the weight I would have to take medication.

She asked about cholesterol and when I said it was in the high end of normal range, she again went on about my weight and that I should go and see someone about my cholesterol. The same with diabetes. I said its like I don't have it any more and its diet controlled. So again with the losing weight.

This is a normal occurrence for an overweight person. People will assume that because you are overweight you have high blood pressure, diabetes and that you don't eat properly. They don't bother to ask questions first - a simple 'has your weight been stable for the last  6 months?' - would tell them a lot more than what they presume to know. Yes a lot do have these problems and a lot are doing something about it to reverse these problems. So ask first before you make the person your talking to feel like they are a failure.