Thursday, 25 April 2013

Training paid off

A couple of weeks ago when Peter was rushed by ambulance to hospital, I wasn't to know that it would serve as a training for this week. On Monday afternoon I had been to the psychologist and talking about how I had run through what I would need to do if Peter had of stayed in. As she said, it is more complex than anyone else.

Fast forward to Monday at 5pm. Everyone on my phone has a personalized ring tone. I was just finishing off cooking dinner when it rang with Peter's tone. I answered and got "This is Rhonda from East Clinic. You need to come in as he isn't going to be able to drive home and need to bring someone to get the car". My response was "who is in there?" Peter hadn't told me he was going. He was in so much pain when he left work that he just drove there and was lucky that someone was free to see him.

So I get off the phone, ring Troy and ask him to come home, ring Jade to see if she is free to come and watch Ryan. She was teaching a dance class and couldn't leave straight away. I rang the guy across the road and asked if he could wait with Ryan until Jade came or we got home. Finished dinner while waiting for Troy, then told Ryan what there was for his carer to give him when he came at 6.30, in case we weren't back.

Troy and I went into the doctors surgery and Rhonda greeted us with "There is a bed waiting for him at St Andrews". So Troy drove Peter up the hill in my car, while I walked the 50 metres or so. In that time, I had rung Ryan's carer and asked him to come early and stay until I got home and would square it away with the agency in the morning. Rung Jade to get clothes and medication for Peter when she got to our place and bring it in.

Before Peter was in his room, with the help of my lovely friends on facebook, I had rung the agency and got a carer to come in the following morning and get Ryan out of bed. I am unable to get him up.

Troy left and brought the van home and let the carer go. Jade left after telling me that she would come over when Corey left for work in the morning so I could get some sleep then. The doctor was taking forever to come as he was held up in surgery, so I left with the nurse promising to ring me when after he came.

Ryan had a bit of a panic at Peter not being here, but I think after the first night, he calmed down. A carer came the next morning and between him and myself, we got Ryan out of bed. Jade then drove Ryan and herself to her work, then met me at the hospital. Peter had a scan and was waiting for the doctor.

Of course as luck would have it, when Ryan, Jade and I went for lunch (which we enjoyed with Rita Langer), the doctor came. Hmmm he couldn't of come in the three hours we were sitting there for haha. Anyway, Peter was to go to theatre at 5.30/6. Again they said they would ring when he came back.

In the time spent with Peter, while he was dozing, I organized a carer to come in and do an overnight shift and another to come in for Wednesday and Thursday mornings to get Ryan up.

It was about 7.30 when Peter went down. The doctor went in and dragged the stones out and put a stent in. I didn't go back up, as it was 10 before Peter was back on the ward an was out to it.

By Wednesday, Peter was a lot better, but couldn't leave hospital until the afternoon. I raced off to do some grocery shopping and I am sure Leanne thought I was going crazy as I just seemed to wander and had forgotten my list and trying to remember what I needed and the whole time just wanting to sleep.

But now, Peter is home and well. He goes back in next Friday to get the stent out. He isn't allowed to work until next Thursday which is fine since we had already been booked in to go to Mt Tamborine on Monday and Tuesday night next week.

I have decided that we have had enough excitement this year and now want it to calm down :)