Sunday, 26 February 2012


Do you remember when you were a kid; people back then just use to call into visit friends and relatives. These days, that seems to be something that has died. Now it seems to be that you have to ask someone over or arrange to catch up.

I know your asking yourself, 'why is she bringing this up?'. Well let me tell you.

Last week, I had the pleasure of two lovely ladies calling in to visit me. I haven't know these women long and was so touched, that they took the time out of their lives to visit me. To be honest, I think I was more surprised than anything.

I have a couple of friends that do visit, but 99.9% of the time, its more that we have prearranged for them to visit, rather than a spur of the moment thing.

Being stuck at home with Ryan, its more a wear myself out, meeting up with people when he is out or in respite. Don't get me wrong, I love catching up with people, its just that I have less free time than someone that works full time. I can't take a sick day or 4 weeks holiday a year or any other benefits that people get these days.

When I was a kid - yes, back in the dark ages. Most people didn't have phones in their home, mobiles weren't invented and neither was email, messenger or any other form of electronic communication. So if you were going to visit someone, you had the choice of dropping in, or writing a letter and posting it, to say you were visiting.

Due to this technology, people now stay in touch by sms, email, phone etc. The art of seeing people face to face, is becoming a dying skill.

I suppose the other thing that went through my mind, was that I didn't think I was that nice to want to go out of their way to visit. I don't mean not nice as in nasty, but more that I get carried away when I see people and just talk and talk and talk and forget to let others talk as well. I think its the craving for adult company that sends me that way.

So to these women I say "Thank you!" What you did that day - even though it might have only been a small thing to you - made me feel extremely special. To know that I had only known you for a short time, but that you took the time for me, really mad my day.

People get out and visit your friends, don't tell them you are coming (or do), but think of someone in your life, who may be home with children, parents or illness. Get out and see them, and make them feel as special as I did.