Friday, 3 February 2012

Humerous moments etched forever in my memory.

As a parent of now adult children, you look back at the journey you have all travelled and the things that stand out the most are the little funny things that happened along the way.  Its those moments of complete innocence at times, that give you the memories you will bring out at their 21st.
My children are Ryan, Jade and Troy, born in that order with 40 months from first to last.
I still remember the complete look of horror on my husband’s face, when he went into Troy’s room when he was still in nappies. My son had taken off his poopy disposable nappy and painted – his cot, the walls, himself and anything else he could touch. Put your hand up if you have been through this. I bet a heap of you have and when you finally cleaned up the mess, saw the funny side of it as well.
When the oldest two  Ryan and Jade  were about 3 and 4, they were having a shower together in our ensuite. I was in the bedroom and could hear them talking. Ryan, did a wee in the shower. He turned to Jade and asked her how she weed. She told him that it came from a hole and proceeded to wee as well. Meanwhile Ryan was crouching down, watching and quite loudly proclaimed ‘I see where it comes from’. Needless to say I had to control the fits of laughter that were threatening to explode from me.  The innocence of it all.
When Troy was born, Jade was 20 months old and still had a dummy.  I brought her brother home from hospital and she took one look at him with a dummy and threw hers away, saying with as much determination that a 2 foot tall little girl could, ‘I am NOT a baby, I DON’T need a dummy’. And yes she never did have one again.  
One Christmas the three of them had been particularly naughty. When they woke up Christmas morning, they found a note on the big present for them all. It told them that Santa had come, but knew they hadn’t been good lately. It asked them to behave from then on. Their eyes were huge like saucers. Each Christmas they still bring up the letter and how ‘Santa’ wrote to them and have a giggle about it.
The story they tell about their childhood has to do with me getting hurt. Ryan had hermit crabs. They loved playing with them and caring for them. They would put the crabs on the floor for them to run around. This particular day, I picked up the crab to hand it back, to go in its container. It was sitting on my palm, when all of a sudden it gave a death grip onto me with its claws. No amount of shaking, running water on it, or pulling would get it off. The kids had to run to the toilets since they were laughing so much. The crab finally let go, but not before it took a hunk of skin off.

Forget super nanny, I was using time out well before she came along. Only thing was that I didn't use the minute per age time, I used the wait until mummy calms down time. The kids would have to stand with their noses to the wall, all spaced out. They weren't allowed to talk and had to stay until I said they could move. It was better here since if they went to their rooms they had toys to play with. This way they knew they were naughty. 
Only problem was that one day I forgot they were there and after about 30 to 45 mins they asked if they could move. Its another thing they laugh about.

With our life the way it is, we use humour a lot to cope. Some people can get shocked by our dark sense of humour that we have. One instance was when Peter's dad passed away. Peter went into Lowes to buy a suit. They were on special, so Ryan said he would buy one as well and could wear it to the funeral and when he dies. I made the comment ' We will have to check its a flammable suit'. We were laughing, but the sales woman was horrified. 
Another common comment in our family is that Ryan is going to buy a memory foam pillow. Its so that my hand prints will be in it when I smother him because he has driven me mad.
There is also the times I tell him it would be fun to put him on the time of our hill on free wheel and let him pretend to be a crash test dummy.
Ryan in turn says that when I die, they will play ding dong the witch is dead. 

There are many, many more stories like these. Your children grow up so quickly and moments are memories to treasure. You don’t tend to remember when they were naughty, but you do remember the funny moments that you enjoyed.
Start a blog when they are young and put every funny little thing they do in it. When they are older you can print it out and have it bound as a gift to them. Can’t you just see the surprise on their faces when presented with happy childhood memories that they can share with their children?