Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Beliefs are like fingerprints - no two people have the exact same belief system as another. No just belief due to religion, but also politics, parenting and more.

Over time, you develop and change what those beliefs are. What you thought at 20, will more than likely be a lot different at 50 and again at 70. Your life experiences, change the what you believe.

Last night in bed, I was thinking of all this when I couldn't sleep. Just what are my fingerprints on the maze of thoughts.


I was brought up Catholic. All but one year of my schooling was done at Catholic schools. I was made to go to church each Sunday, even though my parents never went: well my mother very rarely. As I got older, I would go to the pub while I was suppose to be there.

When I left home, I would go occasionally, when the mood took my fancy. Peter on the other hand, went each week, due to family pressure. When we got married, we went most weekends, unless we thought of a good reason not to.

Getting married in a church was a given, although we didn't have a requiem service. The kids were all baptised and plans were made for them to go to a catholic school. We took them to church, the same way we did when younger.

Since Troy was born as Ryan was being diagnosed, I was determined to have Troy baptised before finding out if he also had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. It was almost a frantic bargaining between myself and God.

When things settled down, we realized that school options had to change and that the kids would be going to a state school. Ryan also made his first communion and confirmation early, so that he could walk to do it.

I have to say that through this time, the priests at St Mary's were wonderful. I am sure that there are not many kids who would go to confession, but instead end up running around the church with the priest playing chasey. They were there again, when Ryan first realized that he would die young and wanted to talk to them. Sometimes he hated God and they were there to talk to listen to what he had to say.

Jade went with the flow and put her usual 110% effort into religion classes at school. Troy on the other hand, went for the first couple of years, then refused to go. It was just before this, that we stopped going all the time and it was down to Christmas eve open air mass. But that soon stopped as well.

So back to my beliefs. I don't believe that any one religion is right. I have done a bit of reading on different types and they all have their good and bad. I believe in all 'leaders' and these can be found if you look up Ascended Masters. I do think that above them, is one strong being.

Now to confuse you more. I believe in evolution. But I believe that some being, created the forces that led to to-days universe. It is to this being, that when I do have to go to any type of service, whether it be wedding, funeral or other, that I silently curse, for how life has unfolded.

There are too many things that can't be explained. Just as an example of a couple of incidences with me. Years ago, Ryan was a baby and I was going to visit a friend Belinda at Banyo. Every time I went to see her, I went along Rode Road to Sandgate Road. Every time, I missed the little slip road. Now I would of gone to her place probably around 50 times over the years. Only one time, did I get to take this slip road, without missing it.

On that day, while I was looking to see if any traffic was coming. The car that was in front of me, but that went to the lights, ran the red light. A semi coming the other way, collected the VW and it fell apart like a pack of cards. From the truck trying to stop, it swerved. If I had of not gotten that slip road, we would of been hit badly. I also cannot recall any sound from that day and couldn't even straight after it happened. Every sight memory is still in tact, but sound never.

The second incident, was that Peter and I were going to go to a wedding. We were going to catch a bus, down to NSW to it. A couple of nights beforehand, I had what could only be described as a vision. I saw a guy in our bedroom, telling me not to go or we would be hurt. It freaked me out big time. We didn't go and the bus that we were going on, had an accident and a lot of passengers were badly hurt.

Now you might say that these things were just luck. That's fine, that is what you believe. I believe it was a higher power, looking out for us. I also believe in the power of crystals, oils and nature for grounding.


Boy covering all the taboo subjects today lol.

I have yet to see a politician that is in it to help 'the people'. I think a lot might start out like that, but by the time we get to see them, that has changed somewhat.

I have only once, voted for one of the two major parties. Normally it is greens or independents. I think the Greens now though, are far removed from the party they use to be. With the other two parties, I think it is more a point scoring competition, than running the country to the best of their abilities.

Imagine how great the country could be, if they all worked in unison and left egos at the door.


I think Australia should help refugees. I also believe that refugees should come by the correct channels. There are a lot of genuine ones, but there are some that aren't.

I love the diversity that they bring to Australia and that there is a lot our kids can learn from them.

I had even looked into the government scheme of taking in a refugee. For those that aren't familiar with it, you take in someone and help them get set up. Things like opening a bank account, getting a medicare card etc. The reason I didn't go further, was that our house wouldn't of been set up enough for what you had to supply.

When you read the crap online of how much they are given, stop and do some research and you will find it all false. It annoys me when people spread it around before checking out the facts.

Child Raising.

Teach your children to respect others and you will have well behaved kids.

I look some of the kids of today and wonder just what their parents are doing. Mine never would of dreamt to run around a restaurant, even Maccas. They would sit and eat, then be allowed in the playground under supervision.

Going shopping, meant that they stayed either beside or in the shopping trolley, not touching stock. If we went to visit a friend, then I went with a bag that contained toys, a small blanket and they would sit and play on it. Not opening cupboards or touching someone else's possessions.

They were by no means angels, but they knew what was expected of them. Their behaviour out was very different to home haha. Now they didn't get belted, they did get the occasional smack, but more often than not, they got time out. It was not any of this super nanny minute per age. It was stand with your nose to the wall until mum calms down. They do laugh and tell others, how I would sometimes forget they were there and doze off lol.

They are not scarred, but they will like me, go mad at your kids if you don't.

So that is a run down on my beliefs. Peter's are different to mine, as are my kids. I love that we have a pope and a queen and never want that to change - well we could skip Charles. I believe in this system and maybe that is the history buff in me.

No one else believes in all I do, and so that is my fingerprint on the world.