Sunday, 21 April 2013

Memories and senses

It is funny when thoughts and feelings overcome you. I was in bed the other night and had just dozed off when a noise woke me. I don't know what the noise was, or even if I dreamt it, but I was suddenly wide awake.

Not only awake, but whatever the noise was, it sounded just like the noise the chains that my granddfather use to put around the back of the dairy cows when they came in for milking. Along with this noise and thought came the scent. There is no other smell in the world like fresh milk. Laying in bed I could smell it as if I was there right now.

It is funny because when I normally think of the farm, it is the smell of cow dung that comes to me - I love this smell. Yes I know, weird.

I remembered the cement floor and the cows coming in and going out when finished with. The noises in the shed and of the tails swishing to shoo the flies away. The clang of the metal lids being put on the milk tins, that would be picked up later.

So strong was this memory that if it wasn't the middle of the night, I would of hopped in my car to drive to Gympie to see what had become of the farm.