Sunday, 5 February 2012

Summer of '69

Isn't it funny how the strangest of thoughts come into your head as your laying in bed trying to go to sleep.
Last night when I hoped into bed (and I have no idea where it came from), I remembered back to what would of been grade 2, and having to get dressed as an angel for a Christmas performance. I can't remember if it was a play, or something for a church service, only that I had to dress as an angel. It came back to me, the house we were living in and the layout of the room and me standing having my photo taken. Funny thing is, that I don't think we even have that photo. We also only lived in that house a couple of years, so not like it was a long enough time to remember it all 43 years later.
While remembering this, I also thought about my brother and a kindy play he was in that same year. He was one of the 5 little ducks that went out one day lol. He had a yellow costume, and the hood that was attached to it, had the beak coming out that sat roughly around his forehead.
This was the same year that man walked on the moon and I can remember sitting in the school hall watching it on a tv set. We sat in canvas chairs and it was upstairs. Thinking about it, it might of been above the school, not the hall.
My brother also appeared on Romper Room that year. I recall that he got a brand new metal garage, that had a door that folded in half upwards, so that cars could be put inside. He got this so that he could take in on the show, as they had a show and tell session. My mother, myself and our neighbour Colleen and her two daughters Suzie and Kathy were in the audience. At the story time, we got to sit and listen and be on the show as well.
It was also the year my sister was born. On the day, my Auntie, whose mother was my teacher, came and collected me from school. I can't remember who looked after us while mum was in hospital, or where we went, but I do remember being told I had a sister.
It was the year, which I have spoken about before, that I became scared of heights, that we got a trike for Christmas and we went to Cairns in dad's semi as a family holiday.

As I said - funny what pops into your head when your trying to go to sleep.