Friday, 25 May 2012

Our Humour

One thing I love about my friends, is that they get our sense of humour. It's also sometimes amusing to view others reaction to us. Some are shocked, disgusted and some just think we are plain weird - and we are not denying that.

Unless you have been in a situation the same as ours, you will never know how you will react. This saying says it all.
When Ryan was diagnosed, there were another 8 boys in the Ipswich area with DMD. He is the only one of the 9 left. We were told he would only live up until 20, but here he is 23, nearly 24. Every day he is with us is a blessing.

At every cough, sniffle or pain - we panic. If someone comes to the house who is unwell, I spend the time from when they have gone, spraying the house with disinfectant. Even when we are unwell, we try to spend little or no time near Ryan.

Now in saying all of that. We could just sit around and cry and be upset. But if we did that, then life would be harder. Ryan or ourselves wouldn't enjoy it and to be honest, I don't think he would be here if we lived life like that.

So instead, we laugh at the things we can't change. We make fun of each other to relieve tension. Just imagine you spending 24/7 with your teenage/young adult child and not working out ways to knock them off when you have had enough of each other, but still have to stay together lol.

When we joke around, it doesn't mean we don't love each other, it means that we do and have the type of relationship that we can talk about anything.

So if you happen to come across another crackpot family like ours, remember that the way they are is probably their coping mechanism. That if they didn't laugh, they would spend their time crying. The laughing items is what makes the best memories and they are the things that will never be forgotten.