Thursday, 4 October 2012

Psychic reading

Well today I got to cross off another thing on my list. I went for a reading with a woman named Lorraine Manly. Even though I had heard she was good, I was still a bit sceptical. After coming out though, I was a firm believer.

Prior to going in, I rang a friend while I was sitting in the car, since I got there early and was telling her what I was doing. I made a comment that I was only having a reading and not the mediumship as well, as there was no one I wanted to talk to haha.

I finished the call and went inside. Lorraine took me into the room in the back of CJ's store that she uses and I sat down. The first thing she said to me was that a woman had come in with me. An older woman who had passed. She told me things that this person was saying and doing and I knew who it was. To protect privacy I won't say who it was, but that they had a message for me. That someone had or was going to try and commit suicide and there was a note and I had to watch out for this person. I had no idea who the hell this could be, but afterwards I rang this person's child to tell them about what had happened and what was said. It turns out that it was them a couple of days ago. I also got this person to read my blog from yesterday and all of it seems to tie together.

The other thing that happened with this person that had passed, was that Lorraine said to me "Who is Jan?" I told her my friend and she commented more than asked, that I had seen Jan yesterday. I said yes that I had and she told me that this person was with me at Jan's. Oh and she had also wanted to say Happy Birthday to me.

The readings were divided into four parts. There was things that either have happened or going to happen in an 8 week period either side of today. There were things that came up that no one would know. Things that I had discussed with Troy in the last 2 days. Then there were things that are going to happen in 3, 6 and 9 months. Some things I could relate to, others I will have to wait and see.

At the end, there is a question time. I got to ask 3 different questions and the answers to them were very accurate. I asked questions about my kids and things said were spot on and so specific that they could not have been guessed or generalized about.

The whole thing is recorded so I could take home a copy of it and listen to it again. Three holidays in the 8 week period came up. On the way home I was thinking that while I was thinking holidays as in a week away, it could be the three I am doing within the next couple of months. I am going for a night or two to Bryon Bay, a night on the Gold coast for Ryan's girlfriends 21st and we have a week booked on the coast later in November.

I can't wait to see if the things I couldn't relate to, happen. It certainly wasn't one of those readings where everything might or might not mean this or that. It was more this will happen. It came up in the 8 week part that there would be a reunion that I would be involved in. Well this Saturday I am meeting up with girls that I worked with at MBF that I haven't seen for over 20 years.

I came out of there, feeling like OMG. Can't wait to see what Peter thinks. I had the friend whose parent came through listen to it with their partner and both had the same reaction as me and were totally amazed at not only the things pertaining to them, but at how accurate the stuff about my family were.