Saturday, 14 January 2012

On my way

Well I am on my way with getting through my 50 things list. Today I went to a vegetarian cooking class and am going to at least another 3 of them. So well and truly done this one.

I am hoping to get a small video camera and film what is happening. I also have another item for my list, so if one fall through I have extra. Its being in a drug line-up for the prison dogs for training haha.

I have also sent out an email asking about volunteering for a food van for the homeless. Hopefully will hear back from them by the end of the month. Its funny how when you start looking you find out all this info. I didn't realize how many soup vans there were in Ipswich and how many different organizations do it.

I have started to organize my party. Its going to be 60's fancy dress with a different decade theme on each table and a disco. Am looking forward to it.

This year I am just going to be a bit selfish  and do stuff for me when Ryan is in respite, instead of the usual run around catching up with everyone that I have done the last couple of years. It sometimes feels like I have to make time for others, not them make time for me.

So below is a pic of me with Veronica at our cooking class with Ranchor the chef.