Sunday, 13 November 2011

Crystal Therapy - autobiography

Many years ago I did a course with a friend, Leigh Wilkins. It was a healing at home course that ran for 10 weeks. Each week we learnt the basics of a different natural therapy - massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, colour therapy, just to name a few. One of the things that really jumped out and appealed to me was crystal therapy. It seemed to tie a few of the ones together - crystals, aromatherapy, meditation and colour therapy.

Wanting to know more, I went to some treatments with Peter Hall in Karalee. Being a bit of a sceptic, I didn't say anything about what aliments I had, just wanting to see what happened. Amazingly, all my problem areas came up to be worked on, along with some emotional issues. Afterwards I felt great. I sent Peter off as well and the same thing happened to him

Peter was a registered teacher and offered me the opportunity to become a healer myself. I jumped at the chance and for the next 2 years I studied for my diploma in crystal therapy.

I had to have 5 people that I would work on over this time and do reports on. Five of my friends volunteered and we went from there. Crystal therapy also takes you on a journey of spirituality as well. Its not affiliated with any religion, but you work with all the masters - Buddha, Jesus, St Germaine, Kuthumi, Sanat Kumara etc.

When I first learnt one particular meditation, you had to go to a room and you would see someone and could ask them a question and they would answer it. After it was over, I was describing the person I saw. Peter Hall pulled out a book that he had called Visions of the ascended masters. He opened one page and ask me if that was the person, I said no. He opened another and there was the exact person I had seen. Now I had never seen the picture before but it was Sanat Kumara. Another time on doing this same meditation on a friend, she described what she said was a skinny Santa. Later on I showed her a picture from the same book of Lord Maitreya and she immediately said that was him. She also had never seen the pic before.

One of the friends I was working on lived with her mum and nan. I knew them all and had always thought that Tara's dad had passed away. He was never mentioned in all the years I knew her. Working on her one day, it came up that I had to work on areas related to her dad. On using my pendulum while working on her, it told me through yes and no questions, that her dad was alive and some other things about him. When i had finished the treatment, I asked her about her dad and it turns out that everything 'told' to me was correct.

Now I have mentioned the pendulum. You use this to ask yes and no questions. Your pendulum is only yours and will give you signs for yes and a different for no. It is used to tell you what part of the body you need to work on, what charka's need pulling back in or opening and various other things. The one thing you can't do, and that a lot of people make the mistake of, is asking personal questions about yourself. You will influence the answer. As an example, a friend was pregnant. At a party the woman selling some pendulums said that you could use them for yourself. Angela used it and it said she was having a girl, which is what she wanted. I did it and it said a boy and overdue and she was.

With crystal therapy you do everything from relieving period pain, bad backs, rsi to past life regressions, house clearance and helping people to accept they are dying. Hubby's friend had come over and I told him I had to work on his panaceas and that maybe he should see a doctor. He came back a few days later and told me I was a witch haha. He had gone to the doctor and his sugar level was in the 20's and he then had tests and was diagnosed with diabetes,.

I had a varying mix of people who use to come to me for treatment - carers, labourers, doctors, housewives, people who brought their kids to me, bikers.

I had to stop when life got in the way, but plan to restart again sometime soon.