Monday, 30 December 2013


As we say goodbye to 2013, it is time to reflect on the year that was.

I know for a lot of friends that this year ending in 13, has been the crappiest of all. For us, it has meant a lot of health problems for the whole family.

Peter - a breakdown, taken by ambulance to hospital, followed the next month by a couple of nights in with kidney stones. Work has also been turbulent, not knowing if he has a job at times, due to the downside of the economy.

Ryan - January saw Ryan start to have anxiety attacks. It is now under control, but took a while. He also became single after a long term relationship. In October, he did an at home sleep study. His specialist rang me afterwards to say that the readings were all over the place and Ryan had to go in straight away. Luckily it was the vpap being faulty and not him. He had a great year with sport, representing Qld in Power Chair Football. The support shown by friends and strangers was fantastic and we are eternally grateful. Ryan also turned 25 this year. That alone is a great achievement for him and one we were told he would never see.

Jade - As anyone who knows Jade can tell you, she works way too hard. Most weeks, she works 7 days and it can be up to 80 hours a week. She did get a week off this year and her and Corey went to Airlie Beach. The amount of work and lack of sleep, have had health effects on her as well. For her birthday this year, she told Corey she wanted a puppy. She instead got an ipad...... which she names puppy lol. Jade started up a cheer squad at Norths and had a ball teaching the girls. She also became qualified to be a wedding planner, even though she has been doing it and events for years.

Troy - Running his own business means that work is either a feast or a famine. Troy had his 21st this year and also started competing in Time Attack (car racing) at Qld Raceway and Lakeside in Brisbane. He came first in his division at both tracks for the year, which is great. In December he damaged his hand, but while not back to normal, it is getting there and at least didn't need surgery.

Spanner - stills rules the house. Has his girlfriend across the road and gives us many laughs. Abby (his girlfriend)  will come over some times to play. Spanner will play for a bit and then come inside. Abby can't get in, as she is a lot bigger than him. I will tell him to go back out to her, and he walks out like he is dragging his feet and the attitude of 'do I have to'. He will sit outside the back door until he thinks you have moved and then try and sneak back in. Personality plus in that dog.

Me - A year of health problems all coming one after another. On the positive side, I got to go to a heap of live theatre. So enjoyed it and am going to miss my theatre buddy Colleen when she moves to France for a year. Guess it just means that we will have to make up for it in 2015 lol. Financially, it has been a very tough year. So that I can get out and about to stay sane, I have sold off things like jewellery, household items and personal collections. I was also lucky enough to win a lot of tickets. I was part of a tv program filming, that should be on tv around April - I will probably be cut out lol. Can't say any more about it, due to signing privacy forms, but will let you know when to watch. I have enjoyed my visits to the nursing home and getting to know the lady I visit and hearing about her life.

I think that this year has been all about lessons, especially in the last month or so.

I have learnt that I can't do it all and that it is okay to ask for help. For the first time in around 30 years I have worn outfits without sleeves. I hate my arms and I was always worried what others would say. I realized recently that how you dress or look, there are those that will criticize others, no matter how good or bad they look.  So I might as well be comfortable and cool and if people don't like it, it is their problem not mine.

Even though I have done it above, I will not be doing it in the future. I don't have to explain how I get to do things and I won't be from now on. Just because we ask for help with fundraising, does not mean that every aspect of our lives has to be explained. People just have to accept that we have done everything in our power to do things on our own, as best as we can.

Another lesson is that family is not those related by blood, it is those that support you and make you a better person.

2014 will be a busy year. I am going to try to pace myself and not spread myself over too many projects. I will be making sure that I take time out for myself, to regroup and relax more.

This is a small snapshot of our year. The good, the bad and the ugly all happened. This has influenced the people we have become, at this point in time.

But we are all here to live another year and for that I am eternally grateful. We wish you lots of love and laughter, health and happiness in 2014